Instagram Polls Feature: Ultimate guide to know your Followers!

Instagram has dropped a killer feature update. An update that lets you ask questions and get instant answers! It’s Instagram Polls!

If you still haven’t received the feature, update to the latest version of instagram.

What are instagram polls?

How to use Instagram

Instagram poll is a feature where you can ask your followers to choose between two options. Just like a poll, you ask doubts, things to do, questions, carry out surveys and much more. After upgrading to latest instagram update, you can use this feature.

How to use instagram poll?

Polls on instagram are integrated with stories. You can use polls in stories only.

Poll is a sticker provided by Instagram.

Steps to use Instagram polls:

1. Click new photo using instagram stories or use a recent photo from the 24-hour frame.
2. Swipe up to see polls beside hashtags.
3. Tap on Polls and write down your question.
4. You can edit options by clicking on them.
5. After entering options, post the story!

Instagram polls    Instagram polls     Instagram polls

You can see your poll answers by checking the analytics of your story as shown in the image(3) above.

Some>Some important notes about instagram polls:

. Your votes are not ANONYMOUS.

The vote which you cast can be seen by account conducting poll.

Instagram poll analytics

2. Think twice before answering as you cannot change your answer!

You don’t want to get embarrassed by selecting the wrong choice.

3. Poll details are available for 24 hours only!

Just as your story, it will disappear after 24 hours. So make sure you collect as much information as possible within 24 hours.

4. As answers pour in, your story will change so that you and your followers can see what percentage of followers have agreed with you.

Based on the votes, it will also show updated percentages in your story.

5. You can use ONLY ONE Poll in single Story.

When someone answers your questions, you will be notified just like this:

Instagram poll Push Notifications

To turn the push notifications off, you can go to Push Notification tab.
Scroll down to find Instagram polls.
Turn them OFF!

Instagram poll Push Notification

Why >Why use Instagram polls?

nstagram is aiming to get interactive and wants everybody to engage with their fellow followers.

Using Instagram polls, you can ask anything to your fans.

Like, OOTD? What should I post next? Letting them choose, listening to them will surely help you make a better connection with them.

Case>Case Study:

any of the big instagram accounts have started implementing this feature in their stories. Examples: BuzzfeedQuiz, GoPro, and many more.

One good example is @instagram itself.

As you can see here:

Instagram polls by instagram

In the same way, you can ask your followers and get reviews about your new product, service or post ideas.
Knowing what your follower wants, is vital to boost your engagement on instagram. Especially after the new update which nearly killed all the engagement.

Following is one of my accounts where I ran a poll for a food selection and to know what my followers love the most.

Instagram polls about food

Instagram poll analytics

Similarly, you can take feedback from loyal followers and mold your content as per followers.

Inst>Instagram poll ideas:

here are various ways you can use polls and get valuable feedbacks. If you are into fashion, you may ask your followers “Do you like today’s outfit?” or

If you post content related to food, you can ask “Does it look delicious?”

Use Instagram Polls for

Though ideas differ from industry to industry, I will list down some general ideas here.

1. Ask about next topic to post on.

2. Ask about whether the content is helpful or not.

3. Any specific request?

4. Any secret confession!

5. What do you like the most about the account?

6. Asking about next holiday trip to take.

7. Asking about a favorite food.

8 Asking about the favorite sport.

9. Feedback about the product, service or company.

10. Opinion on recent news.
And much more.

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So this was a guide on how to use instagram polls feature.

Do let me know how you plan to use this great feature.


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