About Me

Hello Readers!

I am Punit Mahajan, a.k.a BloggerPunit from Pune, India. An IT graduate turned Digital Marketer. I started my online journey back in 2015 where we witnessed the start of referral apps.

Back then I started referring such apps to my friends and earning little commissions in the form of mobile recharges.

I participated in a contest that promised to send out brand new iPhone 6 (Yes! I am talking about those times). I again started asking everyone to download the app. I managed to convince just 15 people. LOL!

After the contest ended and the winner was declared. I found that guy on facebook and messaged him personally asking how did he manage to bring 2000+ sign-ups. He pointed me towards his blog which ranked for “best free mobile app recharge apps” keyword.

Thanks, Chaitanya for introducing me to this online world.

Soon I started researching about blogging and created few technology blogs. I even ranked for keyword “Dubsmash” (Tiktok like app launched back then)

I closed those blogs as I felt demotivated after putting over 12+ hours of work every single day!

Then finally I thought why not brand myself. I saw many people like Tai Lopez selling tons of courses and earning millions! This is how BloggerPunit started.

Over these years, I have learned and tested many online marketing concepts like email marketing, content creation, graphic designing, facebook ads, etc. But I always focused on creating more blogs.

Now I run few niche site blogs targeting specific niches for a living and in my free time I put out content via Bloggerpunit

My Goal via BloggerPunit is to reach as many people as possible and help them in their online journey through my content.

Want to Contact Me?

Feel free to drop in my DMs @Bloggerpunit