How to Avoid/Block Comment Spam on Instagram Like a Ninja!

How many of you receive Instagram spam comments on your photos? Almost everyone! A public account on instagram often suffers from instagram spam comments. Spammers use various tools to target users on instagram and get their attention by commenting on their profile.

Here are examples of instagram spam comments:
1. “Nice post! Grow your account with us” | “Follow us for more” | “Check link in my profile!”avoid block comment spam instagram
2. Emojis! Emojis! Emojis!

avoid block comment spam instagram

I have observed that most spammers usually target hashtags for targeting their customers. Either they want to increase the following or they want to get sales.

Hashtags would be a perfect way to targeted potential customers. This is why you sometimes get spam comments whenever you use hashtags.

What is spamming on instagram and How does it work?

Spammers basically have different custom instagram bots that use dummy accounts to comment on target profile. Now you may ask:

Why target me? How do they target:

If you post a photo with your new shoe and add #nike. Spammers that are looking for shoe sales will target you as you are interested in shoes. They will scrape all the posts from #shoes and go on each profile and comment on latest ones. This is how sophisticated spamming works on instagram.

But what after commenting?

People may receive likes but they are always interested in comments that are posted on their photo. If some stranger leaves comments on your photo. you would want to check them and ultimately you land on their profile.

As you are a shoe lover, you will see all high quality and intuitive photos of shoes posted on the account.
Some people might follow the account too. BOOM! They got a new genuine follower!
Now using their content, they will provide value and also sell their products to you.

You may think, why not stop using hashtags and there will be peace! No way! Users are not only targetted by hashtags. They are targetted by likes and comments they leave on instagram too!

For example:

If you leave a like/comment on @garyvee account. Spammers (spam accounts) may target you as you might be interested in motivation, public speaking, entrepreneurship and so on. Go try this yourself. You will receive many follows instantly.

I know sometimes these fake comments can be irritating. For the past few years, we have all suffered from spam comments, likes, and followers. Today I will show you how to avoid instagram spam comments like a Ninja!

How to Block Comment Spam on Instagram?

Instagram provides you with tools for managing spam comments on instagram. However, you are not fully covered by these tools. They will help you to avoid basic comment spam on instagram.

Step 1: Go to Settings (3 dots) in the last tab.

Step 2: Scroll down to find “Comment Controls”

avoid comment spam instagram

Step 3: In comment controls, you will get many options.

Check hide offensive keywords. You can also block comments from specific accounts that frequently spam your photos.

Turn on Filter most reported words.


avoid comment spam instagram

Step 4: Add these basic keywords to manual filter like I did:

bio, check, follow, like, profile, sale, off, youtube,yout, DM, hot.

Depending on comments that you get, add words to this manual list.

I know this isn’t enough but you can avoid almost 80% of it using the inbuilt settings. Also, you can add your own keywords in custom section field depending on your industry/niche and spam comments you receive.

You can also try reporting the comment so that they get added in Instagram database. Here’s how to report comment on instagram:

block avoid comment spam instagram

The best way to stop comments is manually checking their profile and blocking them instantly. Instagram spammers generally target public profiles for spamming which use hashtags as private account receive almost 0 spam comments.


This is how you block comment spam on instagram.

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If you have any doubts/questions/suggestion, do let me know using the comment box below.


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