Guide on – How to add link to Instagram Stories?

Want to add link to Instagram Story- the simplest way! This article is for you!

Let me first ask you:

Do you have more than 10,000 followers?

If yes, then only read this guide as you CANNOT add link to external website on Instagram below 10,000 followers!

Instagram stories are an underrated feature when it comes to marketing on Instagram. Not everyone has the time to go to your profile and check out the link in your bio.

Adding links to your Instagram stories is simple, and easy. You can add links even if you have less than 10k followers. Just dive right into the article!

How to add link to Instagram Story? Follow this guide!

Adding links to Instagram is easily available for you!

Here’s how:

Add a link to Instagram stories: The basics

1. When you open the app go to your home page. There, you will see a camera logo on the left-hand side of the screen.

2. Tap on it. Upload the image or video you want to post.

How to add link to Instagram Stories

3. Right on top, you have the option to add filters, stickers, and links. The chain link icon is the one you have to click on. See the image below to help you visualize it.

4. Once you click on that, you will be redirected to two options.


  • Add link to instagram story using URL
  • Add link to an IGTV

5. By clicking on the URL, you add the link. Instagram gives you a preview of how it will look like to the users.

6. Then you can click on Done, on the upper right-hand side corner.

7. To indicate the link has been added, the chain link icon gets highlighted.

8. Add any captions, if needed. Post it to your story!

Voila! That’s how basic it is, to add a link to your IG story.

But, if you don’t have 10,000 followers, you can still add links. In a different yet efficient manner. Regardless of your follower count, follow the steps below:

Add Link to Instagram Story via IGTV

1. Create an IGTV channel

2. Think of it as your, little broadcasting show. Click on the tv icon near your messages.

This redirects you to see all the IGTV posts of your followers and other users.

3. Click on the + sign on the right-hand side to add a video! The video must be between 1 to 15 minutes in duration.

4. You can also change the dimensions, to either post it in landscape or portrait mode.

5. Now, you need to give your video a title and a description.

The title should be a call to action. It can be, SWIPE UP, CLICK HERE TO KNOW MORE, etc.

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The description must have the external link you intended to post. For example, you want to sell shoes on Instagram. Still finding your 10,000 followers? But you have an exciting sale that you want everyone to know about? Make a short video on IGTV, add the link to your website in the description. Or a link, that you want your followers to visit.

6. Post it on IGTV! People will be able to see the Call to action phrase on the top left-hand corner. All they have to do is click on it, and it will redirect them to your website!

We’re not done yet! The goal is to have the swipe up feature on your story.

7. You can either post an image of the upcoming sale or a video. Click on the chain link action.

8. You will have the option to add a call to action!

9. Select the IGTV video to be linked to your story.

Now what happens is, people will see your story. Then swipe up to see your IGTV video, and then click on the website on the left-hand corner.

Easy peasy.

Tips to Add Links to Instagram Stories

A few tips to keep in mind, when you add external links:

· Shorten your URL

When you are adding URLs, to link webpages to your stories, it may be hard to remember them.

Free services such as and clkim help you shorten your URL.

This not only makes it easier to help you recall but also use it as and when needed. For example, has a free plan, wherein your custom domain name comes like this:

They also have paid plans, that offer analytics and custom website names for your brand. T

hese shortened URLs can help redirect your users to your desired webpage.

· Add Call to Actions

Call to action refers to words that encourage people to act on something.

For example, Swipe up for more is a call to action. Users are called to swipe up and see more related content. Adding calls to actions in your IGTV videos and the Instagram story are necessary.

They act as gentle reminders for people to perform a particular action. Keep it short. Call to actions help you or show where the users have to click or swipe to redirect them.

Brands often use this, to create anticipation. They have sneak peeks and asks users to swipe up for more. Think of them as tools that help to overcome digital cliff-hangers.

Now you know how to add a link to your Instagram stories! Make use of the Instagram feature to help widen your reach. 

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