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Instagram filters! Everyone loves filters!  We like using filters on our selfies TOP-10-INSTAGRAM-FILTERS-ONLINE-PC-BLOGGERPUNITand other photos. These effects or filters provide a quick pre-set path to an artistic rendering of the picture.

The goal of Filters is to give photos a better exposure or stylized look without knowledge of photo processing.

A Filter can make or break your picture!

A Photographer knows what’ best for a picture but a person who doesn’t it becomes hard to choose a great filter for a perfect photo.

For the same reason, studied Instagram Filters around the US and the world.

Analysing each and every Instagram Filter and it’s usage worldwide. Testing over 1 Million Instagram filters, they came up with this conclusion:

10 Popular Instagram Filters around the world in 2017:

Clarendon is winning big! Followed by Juno, Sierra, and

1. Clarendon (Most Used Filter around the globe)


World loves Clarendon! This filter brightens up your subject and along with adeqeut contrast makes a photo brillant!

2. Juno (Second most used filter)


3. Sierra 


4. Valencia 


Valencia is the most used filter for nature type of pictures. So if click nature related photos, this Instagram filter is of must use!

5. Normal


Normal is the favourite filter for Selfies! People love to keep it as original as possible without filters! #Nofilter tag supporting the normal filter.

6. X-Pro II


X- Pro II is used when you want to contrast with some brightness in mid section. Commonly used for highlighting your picture!

7. Lark


Creates a layer on your photo making the background and subject more appealing!

8. Kelvin


Fashion freak?

You will love kelvin filter! Kelvin filter makes the subject more attractive and stands out.

9. Skyline



Food Addict?
Food bloggers love Skyline filter! Canva found that Skyline filter goes best with Food Pictures!

10. Moon (New Entry)


Want to give a black and white look to your photos? Moon Filter does the work!

So these were the Top 10 Most used Instagram Filters around the world!

Why do we Apply Instagram Filters?

Improving aesthetics. One of the main motivations for filter use is to enhance a photo and correct for brightness, saturation, contrast and focus.

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While one would expect that the general goal of filtering is to improve aesthetics of the photo, this reason is more popular among the serious photography hobbyist because mobile phones do not give many options to control for such factors inside the camera. On the other hand the serious hobbyists are more knowledgeable about quality photography and so more inclined to fix errors and make their photos look more professional looking using filters.

The user can upload the photo through the app and use filters to apply certain effects. for example increasing the contrast so the clouds can be more visible in the sky.

There are lot of cases when users prefer to share the photo without filtering it. A few of them take time and effort to add a beautiful filter.

DID YOU KNOW – An increase in contrast and exposure gets you more comments and like on Instagram!

Getting Instagram Filters 2017 Online:

Cannot use Mobile? Love Desktop? No worries!

If you want to use filters like Instagram Filters online, you can use the website like photogramio.

You can simply take the picture using webcam or upload image from your computer and apply desired filters on it!

As simple as that! No Smartphone required!

Which is your most used filter? Comment below!


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