How to Center BIO on Instagram using Spaces/Line Breaks?

Most of the bios on Instagram are left aligned but there are few people who prefer centering their BIO for creative purposes. In this guide, I will show you how to center BIO on Instagram using Spaces as well as Line breaks.

This can be done in two ways. Both are simple and easy to do.

I prefer the first one as it is very convenient while writing captions for my Instagram posts.

How to make your Instagram bio centered?

How to center bio on instagram using spaces and line breaks

Follow this procedure for both the ways described below.

  1. Go to your Instagram profile.
  2. Click Edit Profile.
  3. Go to the Bio settings on your profile.
  4. Copy the spaces (and ONLY the spaces not brackets) between these brackets:


Paste these spaces before each line of text.

1. Writing down BIO in Notes App

I am sure everyone who uses a smartphone has a Notes app (Sometimes also called as Memo). This is a stock app which comes along with the phone.

Step 1:

You just need to open the notes app. Create a new Note.

Step 2:

Paste your BIO and Add spaces to it.

Step 3:

Copy the whole BIO from the notes by selecting ALL (including Spaces)

Step 4:

Open Instagram App and go to Edit Profile.

Step 5:

In BIO section, paste the Text.

Depending on how many spaces you have added. This will center bio on Instagram. If not, just go back to Notes and Adjust the Spaces as you like.

This is actually the recommended way to center bio on Instagram.

I have another way of centering your BIO. It is just creating a shortcut for adding spaces. This can be very useful when you want to add spaces in your captions. People generally use it to hide weird hashtags that they use in the caption field.

2. Using PostBuilder App

I found this cool mobile app that makes it super easy to create line breaks and center instagram bio automatically for you.

Checkout their website: Click here

Download on Google Play: Click here

Download on App Store: Click here

3. Using Personal Dictionary Option

Centering bio is easy if you have spaces given above. Just copy them and paste them in BIO!

I know you wouldn’t want to visit my blog every time, you want to add these spaces. I have a tutorial for automating this process too:

This is a bit lengthy process but you have to do it ONCE ONLY. Below screenshots are from Android phone.

Step 1:

Go to the Settings app. Scroll down to find Additional Settings.

How to center bio on instagram using spaces and line breaks

Step 2:

Go to Languages and input.

How to center bio on instagram using spaces and line breaks

Step 3:

Select your current keyboard. Here, I use android so I have Gboard by default.

center bio on instagram

Step 4:

Choose the Keyboard and then select Dictionary.

How to center bio on instagram using spaces and line breaks

Step 5:

Choose Personal Dictionary.

center bio on instagram

Step 6:

Choose Add. Inside “Type a Word” add the spaces I provided you above. Paste the spaces without curly brackets in it.

How to center bio on instagram using spaces and line breaks

Step 7:

Add shortcut to the spaces. Here I have added ssss so that whenever I type ssss, it will suggest me those spaces to add. You can add your own custom text.

center bio on instagram

Make sure the text is not meaningful, else it will show you suggestions for that word when you type anything.

Step 8:

Click on SAVE and you are ready to rock!

You can go to notes and check by typing ssss whether it suggests the SPACES or not.

This is how you center bio on Instagram. If you have any difficulties in centering your bio, let me know through comments!

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