How to add Line Breaks in Instagram Captions? {Formatting TIP}

I know adding link breaks in Instagram captions and bio can be frustrating at times.

Instagram doesn’t take spaces or line breaks into consideration when you post an image or also in BIO.

So, in this post, I will tell you how to add line breaks on Instagram.

Why add line-breaks to your long captions?

Adding line breaks will make your caption look more appealing. Captions would be easy to read when you add paragraphs just like this article.

You can tell the difference yourself by looking at the following images.

A proper formatting can help you win audience attention against a poor formatting.

Why this issue?

Instagram formats your caption whenever you write them in caption tab. It’s just the way Instagram has been designed. It ignores the spaces and shifts the text together.

This is how Instagram formats the captions. Don’t worry, I have 2 solid ways which can help you add spaces in Instagram captions.

How to add line breaks in Instagram Captions?

This tutorial is similar for Android users as well as IOS users.

There are two ways you can add link breaks in Instagram. You can choose whichever way that suits you.

  1. Adding symbols to captions

You can add symbols between paragraphs and get line breaks between captions (Check Image below). This is probably the easiest and most used way of adding line breaks in Instagram. You can use this technique while writing captions in the captions tab before posting the image.

instagram spaces line breaks on instagram using symbols

You can add dots or symbols like arrows or numbers like I have added.

NOTE: Make sure you add line break after paragraph and then add symbol (No spaces before or after symbol). One Symbol on whole line like shown in image. Adding no spaces before and after symbol is recommended.

2. Using NOTES app to add line breaks in Captions

If you normally add spaces to Instagram captions while posting the image, Instagram will not consider the spaces and format the text accordingly. This will result in the removal of spaces that you have entered. You can use notes app to add spaces in your caption. Here’s how:

Simply follow below steps:

Step 1:

Write your favorite captions in Notes. Here I am writing gibberish captions.

 Line breaks on Instagram via Notes

Step 2:

You can add line breaks here and Copy the Captions (Including Line Breaks in Instagram Caption).

 Line breaks on Instagram via Notes

Step 3:

Paste it in Captions tab after selecting your picture/video.

 Line breaks on Instagram via Notes

Step 4:

DONE! You have successfully added line breaks in Instagram!  Line breaks on Instagram via Notes

NOTE: Try adding emojis to your captions. Sometimes emojis add little extra space and line breaks vanish off, but you can always add dotes( . )/ Symbols between paragraphs to format your content!

So this is how you add Line breaks in Instagram captions. You can do the same with your BIO!

add line breaks in instagram captions

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