120+ Best Thursday quotes that will make your Thursdays happy!

Want Best Thursday quotes?
It’s Thursday or whatever day you’re are reading this on. Thursday will come. It is inevitable. Sorry to burst your bubble. But hey, Thursday can be fun! Look at it from a new point of view! Celebrate each day. The clock is ticking. Do what you must, to avoid regretting things tomorrow.

Best Thursday quotes

Good morning Thursday. If you stand on your toes you can almost see Friday!

Start your Thursday with optimism! Spread that positivity today!

Good morning Thursday! Change begins with you. 

Happy Thursday! Payday is almost here. Woohoo!

Do what you love today. Anything. Enjoy your lovely Thursday.

Happy Thursday! It is also known as pre-Friday!!!

Go ahead! Seize the day! Carpe diem away this Thursday!

Happy Thursday, may your day be as bright as you!

 How did I waste my time before the internet came along? Happy throwback Thursday!

Let’s hope your birthday falls on a Thursday! At least the throwback will give you the illusion of being younger!

Throwback Thursday reminds me of when receiving a phone call did not give me so much anxiety!

 Happy Thursday! Also known as, Friday Eve.

Go with the flow this Thursday! Happy Thursday!

Everything is possible! Have faith this Thursday!

 Today is a great day to have a good day! Happy Thursday.

 Good morning! Happy Thursday, make the most out of today!

My calculations suggest the weekend is very near! Good morning Thursday!

 Everybody should believe in something. I believe I should have another cup of coffee! Enjoy your caffeine-fuelled day!

 Smile! The weekend is so close! Have a great Thursday!

 Get better, not bitter. Have a wonderful Thursday!

I searched for a throwback Thursday picture to upload. But I could not find any. I will throw back a drink instead. Happy throwback Thursday!

My energy level is that of a sloth today! Good morning Thursday!mile

 Hey, it’s Thursday. You know what means! We are heading closer to the weekend!!!

Happy Thursday, it’s a day new day! A fresh slate, a lot of new adventures await you.

Good Thursday morning! Here’s hoping you have a stress free and joyous day.

Hang in there till Friday. You are almost there!

Smile tomorrow is Friday!!! You can get through this Thursday.

Hold your head up high with your chin up to the sky! Be confident this Thursday.

Choose kindness and laugh often! I hope you have a hilarious Thursday.

Quit talking and begin doing! Start this Thursday!

Surprises pop up all the time. Have faith. Have a wonderful Thursday!

Magic is real! If you sleep on Thursday, you wake up on the weekend. Isn’t that surreal?

Celebrate and enjoy the little things in life. Have a great Thursday!

Give yourself a little credit, you have almost made it through the week! Enjoy your Thursday.

If Fridays come under TGIF, Thursdays are SHIT. So happy it is Thursday. Relax today!

It’s time for throwbacks this Thursday. Scroll through the past on your feed! Celebrate the past and anticipate the future this Thursday!

Throwback Thursdays are equivalent to time travel! That too for free!

The only thing I will throwback this Thursday is a glass of wine. All that wine, down my throat.

Rise and shine and be grateful this Thursday! Be thankful this Thursday.

Each day is a blessing in itself! Let go of your worries! Happy Thursday.

Wherever you go, go with all your heart. Give it your all this Thursday.

What you give power to, has power over you. Be strong on Thursday!

Reminisce this Thursday! Express gratitude. Have a blessed Thursday.

TBT? Throwing back only drinks this Thursday!

If you are reading this on a Thursday.. then tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Smile it’s Thursday!! Have a great Thursday!

Thursday tries hard to be Friday, but Friday has its charm!

Happy Thursday! I am saving all my energy for the weekend!

Thursday, you sit next to Friday. We like you. Unlike Monday, we dislike Monday.

Funny Thursday Quotes

Is Thursday even a day? It just blocks Friday!

It’s day four of the hostage situation, vis a vis Thursday.

FRIYAY. Sorry, just practicing my line for tomorrow. I hope your Thursday ends soon!

Pick up a new hobby today to have a productive weekend! Enjoy your Thursday!

Do I smell Friday on its way? My nostrils can sense it!

Hold your horses! You are almost through Thursday!

Embrace the little things in life! Have a glorious Thursday!

Thursdays are great motivators! They keep you hustling till it’s Friday. The cycle goes on!

Keep calm and post a throwback Thursday photo!

I can only keep one eye open this Thursday! This week has been exhausting! Tell the weekend to come already.

Think outside the box this Thursday! Get creative. Unleash the artist in you. Have an artsy Thursday!

Keep calm, Friday is almost here!

It’s FRI.. nope. Nope, still Thursday! Sorry. Enjoy your Thursday.

I wish you a tolerable Thursday. That’s the best we can do!

Coffee will help you get through this Thursday! You can make it through the day.

Don’t worry be happy this Thursday! Play some Bob Marley.

If orange is the new black why, can’t Thursday be the new Friday? Tell me why!!!

Finish work on Thursday. Then, you can enjoy your Friday staring at the clock. And leave early. What a plan!!

Best Thursday quotes for Instagram

Okay Thursday, let’s do this!!!!

Think happy thoughts today. Only happy. Happy today!

Is it just me, or is there light at the end of this tunnel? Have a great Thursday!

Thursdays help you practice being patient. Embrace the uncanny lesson.

This throwback Thursday, let’s recall the fun we had last weekend. It seems so long ago!

Happy throwback Thursday to the people who still post images of their childhood. We have moved on now. You should too.

Find things that make you feel happy you are alive! Wishing you a fabulous Thursday.

No matter how you feel, wake up and show up. Never give up! Get motivated this Thursday! 

It’s Thursday think positively, and positive things will start happening! 

Rude, that is not Friday. But it’s ok. Hello Thursday!

Friday called, she will be here tomorrow! Until then, enjoy your Thursday!

Life is nothing without gratitude! Have a thankful Thursday.

Wake up and smell the coffee. On Thursyay.

Letting go is always easier than holding on! Let go this Thursday.

The times we had! Happy throwback Thursday

Hang in there this Thursday!

Learn from yesterday, live for today and have great hopes for tomorrow! Enjoy your Thursday!

Congratulations, you almost made it to Thursday! The week is almost over.

Today is your day. To celebrate this Thursday!

Lose your excuses to find your results! Go slay Thursday!

You will not have this day again. Make this Thursday count.

So glad I grew up in the 90s era. Today’s cartoons are terrible! Happy throwback Thursday!

Here’s a blast from the past. It’s me. I am the blast. Happy throwback Thursday!

Throwback to my childhood. When I was desperate to become an adult. Take me back! #Throwbackthursday

Flip phones were so cool. I could just flip my phone to end the conversation. Have a flipping Thursday.

Back in the day, we admired the beauty in others. Go back to that era this Thursday! Step back and admire the beauty that surrounds you. 

Be kind and rewind this Thursday! Thursdays are all about throwbacks!

When life gives you lemons this Thursday, take them! Free stuff can be useful!

When the memories hit you. Happy throwback Thursday!

It’s a world where you can be anything. Anything at all. Be you this Thursday.

Throwback to cleaner air. Lesser CFC’s! And to the happier times! Appreciate your Thursday!

When you work hard, you get to shop harder! Work work work this Thursday.

Simplify this Thursday. Enjoy a minimalist


Take a step back. Check-in with your mental health today. Speak out this Thursday!

You are in charge of how you feel today. Choose happiness! Happy Thursday!

Sunsets are proof that happy endings exist. Believe in yourself this Thursday!

Throwback Thursday to good times! Let the good times roll in this Thursday!

It’s the thankful people that are the happiest! Be happy this Thursday!

It’s not Thursday, it is thuuuursday. Feels like it is dragging on.

Thursdays are for pregame. Friday is when the party starts!

Well, well well, if it isn’t you again Thursday! Have a relaxed Thursday!

Keep calm, because thirsty Thursday is here!

Never give up! Work hard, dream hard. Keep going this Thursday!

Keep your squats low but your standards high on Thursdays!

Have a glamorous Thursday!

Take a step back, and tone it down this Thursday. Recuperate and relax.

You do you! Be your authentic self this Thursday.

Be honest yet humble, as the weekends. Celebrate your Thursday hustle.

It does not get easier, you get stronger. Motivate yourself this Thursday.

Focus more on being productive not just busy. Use your binoculars this Thursday!

Get the most out of Thursday. Because Fridays are for slacking!

Mindset is everything. May you have a mindful Thursday.

Bloom wherever life plants you. Grow this Thursday. Nourish and nurture yourself.

It is not Thursday until you start making plans for the weekend. But then realize you have a long way to go.

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Face it, you are your only limit. Face your fears this Thursday.

Just do it on Thursday! Think of all that money Nike is spending on their advertisements!

Spread kindness this Thursday! Be kind to one another.

Go the extra mile today! Wear your sports shoes and take that leap this Thursday!

Wake up and be you this Thursday! Have a wonderful morning.

Be the energy you want to attract. Vibe with people on Thursday! Find your tribe.

Thursdays are dreamy. All I can dream of is Friday.

Happy Thursday Quotes for Facebook

Enjoy your last double shot of caffeine for the week on Thursday!

Happy Thursday! Shine bright like a diamond today.

It is thirsty Thursday! You say alcoholism but I say liver CrossFit.

I only drink on days that start with T’s. Tuesday, Thursday, today, tomorrow, that day.

Who is this moderation we are supposed to be drinking with? Happy thirsty Thursday!

Good morning. Wake up and hustle away this Thursday!

Why does Thursday feel like it’s Tuesday? Hang in there, soldier!

It ain’t Friday, but Thursday is not bad either! Have a splendid Thursday.

It is on Thursday! Enjoy whatever you are doing today.

Give thanks this Thursday. Be grateful for all that has come, and all that will!

Always look at the bright side of things. Happy Thursday.

Take me away to the better days this throwback Thursday.

Memories are a priced possession to cherish! #Throwbackthursday!

I will take a one-way ticket to the 90s. Please take me back this Thursday!

Stay wild. Step out this Thursday.

Better days are around the corner! They are Friday, Saturday and Sunday! Hold on this Thursday.

Thursday, let’s be nice to each other.

Get off the internet, so I can use the phone. Those were the days! Happy throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday reminds me of when I could drink on Thursday and still make it to work on time the next day! 

I am sorry your man-crush Monday is my throwback Thursday.

Throwback Thursday was when I used to eat healthily! Now all I do is drink coffee and eat junk food. 

Thursday is my favorite day to plan how to excuse myself from the weekend plans! 24 hours, the number of excuses I could come up with!

Encourage! Don’t discourage yourself this Thursday. You can do it.

Lookback and feel proud about where you came from. Keep moving forward this Thursday! You are doing great!

Good morning Thursday! Be someone’s sunshine today.

I am just going to sit here and try to figure out where it all went wrong. Happy throwback Thursday!

Throwback Thursday is my favourite excuse to avoid the present!

Today is a brand new day, to be a brand new you! Enjoy your Thursday!

This was the list of best Thursday quotes and let me know which one was your favourite!

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