100+ Best Instagram bios for your Instagram Account

Want to have a great Instagram bio, but can’t think of anything? This article will help you find the best Instagram bio, that will make your followers jealous.

100+ Best Instagram Bios

Bio: This is where the magic happens. So to say. Your bio is all about you. The current character limit is 150 characters. Short?

People will not be up for reading paragraphs! Think of what your account is about. What do you want visitors who see your profile to know about you?

Your Instagram bio is the first thing people see when they view your profile. If you have a business account, your bio needs to hit the mark. It has to make an impression. The tone can vary, but the impact should be lasting.

100+ Best Instagram bios for Instagram Account

Witty Instagram Bios

  1. I have nothing to say, but will i shut up? No.
  2. My biggest dream is to calm down.
  3. Me, about myself, interesting concept but poor execution.
  4. Yes, my train of thought! Also known as the Anxiety Express.
  5. What’s your birth stone? Mine is rock bottom.
  6. She’s whiskey in a teacup.
  7. [email protected] stars, help me!!!
  8. Too rad to be sad.
  9. Confidence level: Kanye West.
  10. I am like 104% tired.
  11. Alexa, play everyone that played me.
  12. I am so small and bitter. I am like a human espresso
  13. Where can I download motivation?
  14. I’m a professional overthinker.
  15. I am suffering from an extreme phase of not being a Kardashian.
  16. She is beauty, she is grace. She is obsessed with space.
  17. Well, that didn’t work. An autobiography.
  18. Alexa, turn my feelings off.
  19. A funny story: people think they know me.
  20. Mentally on a vacation.
  21. Last Name Hungry, First name Always.
  22. Are you a keyboard? Because you’re my type.
  23. ctrl alt delete all my fat.
  24. Narrator: She is simple, like Quantum Physics.
  25. I am a walking god/goddess. People stare at me like they have never seen one.
  26. Throwing sass around like confetti.
  27. Drake warned me about you.
  28. Adulting is soup, and I am a fork.
  29. My rap name is lil hungry.
  30. When you’re downie, eat a brownie.
  31. Calm se Kaam

Honest Instagram Bios

  1. Going 100mph. Going 100 mistakes per hour.
  2. mood:nah.
  3. Ugly but lit.
  4. I can hold a wet bar of soap better than a conversation.
  5. I am the human version of tangled headphones.
  6. Friendly, but i am not your friend though.
  7. Once I figure out how to get motivated, it is over for you all.
  8. Next time I am opening up to someone, is during my autopsy.
  9. Actually all of my systems are nervous.
  10. I thought I was calm, but turns out I am ignoring every single one of my problems.
  11. Keeping it real since 1998.
  12. Not a secret, just not your business.
  13. My secret talent is getting tired without doing an
  14. I am in no position to have high standards, but it does not stop me.
  15. Can’t remember what my personality was supposed to be like, wish I had written it down.
  16. Shout out to my favorite coping mechanism, isolation.
  17. Emotional somedays, emotionless others.
  18. One of these days I will roll my eyes so hard, it will go back.
  19. I’m playing, “hard to understand.”
  20. I am like a tough flower.
  21. Kinda bad, kinda boujee
  22. I like being occasionally poetic.
  23. My mood changes like 70 times a day.
  24. I decide my vibe.
  25. I like talking to myself, she likes me.
  26. My life is one big wow, ok.
  27. 50 shades of dark circles under my eyes.
  28. Addicted to bettering myself everyday.
  29. I am 2% human 98% anxiety.
  30. Shadier than the real slim shady.
  31. Life update: still a mess.

Lyrical Instagram Bios

  1. Raindrop, Droptop. Stressing over life nonstop.
  2. Because Baby now we got bad blood.
  3. Look at her now!!!
  4. Made your whole year, in a week.
  5. Change the game, don’t let the game change you.
  6. Call me friend but keep me closer.
  7. So you must like me for me.
  8. It’s the road that leads to nowhere, but all I want to do is go there.
  9. Life it goes on, what can you do?
  10. The heart wants what it wants.
  11. Isn’t it all lovely? Heart made of glass, a mind made of stone.
  12. You’re italic, I am bold.
  13. Worked so hard, forgot to vacation.
  14. I dreamed it all ever since I was young.
  15. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so faraway.
  16. Trippin’ on skies, sipping waterfalls.
  17. I am not bitter, well maybe a little bit.
  18. All that I am after, is a life full of laughter.
  19. Got that watermelon sugar high!
  20. I see it, I like it, I want it, I got it.
  21. You may say, I am a dreamer but I am not the only one.
  22. All out of love but not food. Never food.
  23. You don’t know my brain, like you know my name.
  24. Young, Dumb and Broke. Literally.
  25. Low on self esteem, so you run on gasoline.
  26. I like me better when I am with you.
  27. Sun is shining and so am I.
  28. Don’t worry, be happy.
  29. Please have mercy on me.
  30. I have angles all around me!

Best Instagram Bios:

  • A universe believer
  • Sorry If I ghosted you I just felt like you were gonna ghost me so I did it first
  • 23. {City}
  • The tiny one with not so tiny dreams
  • slaying a little fiercer

A bio is a summary of yourself, of your brand. Be witty yet straightforward. Here are a few examples of different bios:

Lauv for example, has a very cool Instagram bio. It is catchy with his one man boyband line. It is colorful, because of all those different hearts. He also mentions his new songs, in a different to make it stand out. His self portrait is bright, yet different with the additions of the miniatures. Those miniatures are Lauv himself from his latest single!

Want to customize your Instagram bio?

Adding emojis is one way, but you can have fancy fonts too


Type in your bio on this website. Let’s take it from the top. Action!

  1. The website looks like this! Now let out the Shakespeare in you.
  2. Once you type in your bio. You get an array of options to choose from. You get a preview of how your bio will look across different fonts. Like in the image below:
  3. You can even design your own font, and load many more!


Want to add a flower? Or a star to your bio? Cool symbols are your solution!

All you have to do is copy the symbol and paste it on your bio. The website also allows you to add different emojis:

Even fonts

It is an all in one website to help you customize your Instagram bio!

Want Instagram Captions too? Check out my post on best Instagram captions!

Check out these different Instagram bios


Starbucks has a clean Instagram bio.. Their name has the coffee emoji used smartly. Their highlight reels have several different titles!

Le Flemington:

Le Flemington is an up and coming café! Their bio speaks of the different varieties of products offered. From, chocolates, to artisan loaves of bread! They have also used several different emojis, which is great! The bio is neat and well-spaced!

Late-night shows:

Ellen show: Ellen’s Instagram bio is minimalist. It has only mentioned her other Instagram accounts. Her creator category is also updated. There is one website, which redirects you to the ellentube page. The highlights include her several other segments as part of the show. The profile picture is what stands out! It is bright and colorful.

Late Late Show

The late late show’s Instagram bio is much like the show itself. It is funny and creative. There is a hashtag too! The studio’s address is there. The website redirects users to the different videos you can watch on their youtube page! The profile avatar is hilarious!!

David Dobrik

This up and coming youtube influencer, has a humongous fan following. His website takes you to his youtube page. The bio has no emojis included. It is short and witty! He has also mentioned his other two social media account usernames. The profile photo is funny with a nice yellow background.



The Instagram bio is plain. It encourages users to pick up their camera and go explore the world out there. The sense of wanderlust is intense. The page has one website, a specified category too of a news and media website.


The bio boasts of their experience in the industry. It also encourages users to tag them in their images via several hashtags! The highlight reel avatars run along with the blue theme of the display picture too.

They have a website added, as well as their location.

Streaming Services

Netflix India on the other hand, has a nice funny bio. All they want is for you to stream on Netflix. There are no mentions of different accounts, just one website for you to start streaming.


Amazon Prime

The bio talks of their latest movie, Brittany runs a marathon! There are no websites to redirect you to. Just the name of their most recent movie. A few highlights of their different shows.


Jennifer Aniston: Jennifer recently joined Instagram, and people went berserk. Her Instagram bio is simply adorable. There is nothing cryptic about it. It is humble. The only external link is that to her new show, streaming on apple tv!

Noah Centineo:

This is minimalism. All he has on his bio is a greeting. There is no category about him being an actor, or about his upcoming movie. Nada.

There is just a go fund me page, he hopes his followers and stalkers check out. Let Noah be your inspiration for a cool bio!

Here are few other cool instagram bios to check out!


There you go! A different examples. But don’t restrict yourself, your Instagram bio is about YOU.

Get creative.

Be funny, be sassy, be you!

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