15 best sports affiliate programs of 2021

sports affiliate programs
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Sports affiliate programs are among the most underutilised in the business, which is a shame this is a nice thing. Overall bulk of new affiliate marketers and several seasoned pros promote well-known eCommerce sites like Amazon and eBay, while some promote web hosting and marketing suites to the general public. The main attraction of these schemes is large rewards. However, most affiliate marketers overlook the fact that the more competition there is, the more difficult it is to engage visitors.

When you link sports fans with the proper items or services, they are more than willing to spend money. It is a huge market to get into, particularly if you can locate a variety of lucrative sports affiliate programmes to advertise.

Why sport is a niche for affiliate programs?
The current enthusiasm for sporting goods is growing, and buying them online has become a habit. So you may use your blog page to run such ads/campaigns. You may assist yourself profit well, as well as the brands and the public, by doing so.

Pick an advertising network. Admitted with high-quality sports advertisements from companies such as Decathlon, Adidas, Nike, and Puma. Then provide good material, create a following and then advertise items to them.

Top sports affiliate programs
The worldwide sports business is projected to be worth $614 billion, divided between sporting products and tournaments. With so many alternatives accessible and their details scattered across several web pages, selecting the proper sports affiliate programmes may be difficult. The following are some of the high ticket sports affiliate programs in the industry:-

Go Pro Affiliate Program
GoPro is among the most well-known sports technology firms. They give not just some of the most flexible cameras on the market, but also all of the necessary accessories to complete a shot. Fans of sports don’t have to look elsewhere for their creative requirements. From mounts and modifications to bags and luggage, they have it all.

Including an EPC of $81.56 depending on a 5% sales commission, Go Pro is likewise a top network earner on Commission Junction. You won’t have to pre-sell this product line since Go Pro uploaders have nearly 2 billion Youtube views.

X3 Bar Sports Affiliate Program
Dr John Jaquish not only invented the X3 home gym system, but he’s also the developer of the new X3 Bar. These items are geared firmly at those who wish to get in shape at home or who, for separate purposes, don’t have time to go to the gym. His X3 Bar concept is intriguing since it lowers a whole home gym to a footplate, a metal bar, and some resistance bands.

Among all the sports affiliate programs, the EPC of the X3 Bar is over $300, with a 7-day EPC of more than $400, a commission of 15% per sale and a cookie duration of 5%. Because of the $594 unit price, individuals must only send pre-qualified visitors to this offer, meaning those that already understand how much the X3 Bar costs.

Enigma Fishing Affiliate Program
Enigma Fishing is the ideal online platform with which to promote fishing gear. From rods and reels to equipment and sheers, they have it all. The firm gives a one-of-a-kind warranty period on its products, making it one of the few in the industry. Enigma Fishing also sells clothes and accessories such as backpacks and sunglasses and provides military personnel with a 10% discount on all items in their store.

Anglers pay a total of $7.4 billion on their sport each year, with another $7.8 billion spent on food and housing throughout fishing excursions. Their programmes are among the top sports goods affiliate programmes in the market, with outstanding compensation of 20% per transaction and a long cookie lifespan of 90 days.

AI Sporting Goods Affiliate Program
Al’s Sporting Goods is situated in Wasatch Mountains in Utah’s northern point, and they’re no newcomers to mountain biking and trekking, as well as world-class snow skiing.
It should be simple to market items to sports fans by leveraging the firm’s genuine relationship to sports. They sell gear from over 1,200 different suppliers, and their wide range of products allows you to sell items for every sport and season.

Whether it’s hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, field sports, indoor sports, or water sports, there’s something for everyone. Al’s 10% commission, cookie duration of 150 days, and average cart value of $120 make it an ideal place to start if you’re wanting to enter into sports affiliate marketing.

BPI Sports Affiliate Program
The extremely popular sports and fitness sector to tap into is bodybuilding. Supplements and personal care items from BPI Sports can help men and women go into better condition. Well with proper content, you can promote the firm’s clothes and accessories, such as gym bags and shakers, to fitness fanatics.

Even though the firm gives a high commission of 10% per sale and cookie for 60 days, it is the advantages it provides that make its associate programme one of the best sports affiliate programs. You’ll receive a 30% discount coupon to use on their site, as well as a goodie bag including samples of their items and accessories, as well as priority access to and unique discounts on new products and clothes.

Eastern Mountain Sports Affiliate Program
Eastern Mountain Sports has equipment for nearly all outside activities. They sell ski equipment, cycling equipment, climbing equipment, and paddle sports equipment. They only offer the top brands, such as The North Face, Thule, Mountain Hardware, and GoPro.

Kayaks and motorcycles are also sold by the firm, but they are exclusively sold in retail and outlet shops, and you cannot advertise them and earn a fee. Although they pay somewhat lower commissions (14% per sale and a cookie duration of 14 days only) than the industry average, the items’ prices and a large number of high-intent customers Anay convert more than compensate.

Leather Head Sports Affiliate Program
Paul Cunningham, the creator of Leather Head Sports, founded his firm on the simple conviction that “the passion of play is universal.” The fact that this firm creates specially designed vintage leather balls for baseball, football, basketball, rugby, and soccer sets it apart. There are not mass-produced knockoffs, but rather a throwback to the times when sports balls had laces.

Their items also have proven to be extremely popular with clients, and affiliates are making a lot of money advertising them, as seen by a $132.50 EPC. Besides the good foundation stats, even non-sports enthusiasts would want to buy a Leather Head ball since it is so unusual. This is one of a sports affiliate program, which provides a commission rate of 10% per sale and a cookie duration of 14 days.

Under Armour Affiliate Program
Under Armour produces a well-known line of sportswear that is worn by everyone including professional athletes and weekend gym-goers. They’ve existed since at least 1996 when they introduced Prototype #0037, also known as “The Shorty.” Under Armour’s sports affiliate programme is among the finest because of the high quality of their products and the fact that customers must spend a minimum of $100 when purchasing their items.

They also have some of the greatest cleats and spikes in the market, so turning visitors into clients should be simple if you target the football niche. It gives a commission of 5% and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Hidrate Spark Affiliate Program
HidrateSpark is now the most cutting-edge IT business in the sports and fitness sector. They sell low-cost smart water bottles with built-in hydration objectives depends on individual preferences. Although it is a specialised product with a short shelf life, they pay a 10% fee and have a lot of sales activity on ShareASale.

The only real drawback is the 7-day cookie, which is likely offset by the fact that this is an impulse buy the item. This also works with Google Fit, Apple Health, and Nokia Health Mate, among other famous fitness trackers.

TaylorMade Golf Affiliate Program
The TaylorMade Golf Company started with three workers and a vision for a superior golf club in a renovated warehouse. Because a smaller portion spends far more, TaylorMade’s 6 per cent fee may appear little, but 5 per cent of a $5,000 sale is $300. Golfers spend between $1,000 and $5,000 per year on their sport or pastime, according to 58 per cent of them.

The firm has expanded to the point in which some of the game’s greatest stars, like Rory McIlroy, Tiger Woods, Jason Day, Dustin Johnson, and 1,500 other PGA Professionals, utilise their golf clubs.

Gainful Affiliate Program
Gainful stands out by addressing a vacuum that other firms overlook when it comes to effective workout supplements. The Gainful team understands that everyone’s fitness levels are unique and that everyone’s fitness objectives are varied as well. You may even take a survey to determine which protein powder is ideal for you, and then select the taste of your customised protein shake.

Affiliates get $30 for each sale, and advertising this programme should be simple if you can bring them meaningful and qualified visitors. Out of all the sports affiliate programs Gainful Affiliate Program offers a commission of $30 per sale, a cookie duration of 30 days.

LeftLane Sports Affiliate Program
For running, trekking, cycling, swimming, surfing, and skating, LeftLane Sports has a large selection of footwear, apparel, and accessories. Their competitive pricing already is a strong selling point, but LeftLane goes above and beyond by not sacrificing product quality. It also has a five-fold greater conversion rate than the industry average, making it one of the finest sports affiliate programs to join.

If you run an outdoor sports blog or a fitness blog where you assist others to improve their body, suggesting LeftLane’s finest goods might be one of the simplest methods to monetize your site. It gives a commission of 10% per sale and a cookie duration of 60 days.

PRIMESPORT Affiliate Program
Super Bowl tickets and NCAA Tournament tickets practically sell themselves. You may receive a part of the profit if you use PRIMESPORT to distribute these tickets to the appropriate people. After you join up, the firm sends you banners and text links that you may use to generate revenue on your website.

The rewards you earn are dependent on your success and are totally at the company’s discretion. It provides a standard commission of 8% per sale with a 30-day cookie duration.

Roadrunner Sports Affiliate Program
The world’s largest running and walking retailer is Road Runner Sports. They provide high-end footwear, clothing, and accessories for men, women, and children. Custom insoles, fitness monitors, and injury prevention and treatment goods are also available. This family-owned firm has provided clients with top-of-the-line sporting goods, and one of the finest aspects of the industry is that shipping is always free.

It provides a commission of 6% per sale which is increased at the company’s discretion and a cookie duration of 7 days.

Jump Sport Affiliate Program
Jump Sport is a family-owned enterprise with a 20-year history. The company also invented and patented the first trampoline safety enclosure, which has saved many people from serious harm. Jump Sport is capitalising on the fact that trampolining is a sport as well as a fun pastime for youngsters with their line of items. They sell a wide range of trampolines, from huge family backyard trampolines to tiny individual trampolines for gym courses.

It provides a commission of 45 per sale and a cookie duration of 30 days.

Final verdict on top-notch sports affiliate programs
With this handy list of sports affiliate programs, you will no longer face the problem of hunting. Just choose any of the above sports affiliate programs and you are good to go. Just keep in mind the commission and the compatibility of the product with the blog.

Do not change niche as it might make you start from scratch. Find the perfect sports affiliate programs by keeping the constraint in mind. Sports without music is kind of boring, so why not check out our guide on music affiliate programs.


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